​​​​​​​GCS Group // Farming, Machinery, Properties, Retail

GCS Group incorporates GCS Machinery, GCS Farming, GCS Properties and GCS Retail.

GCS Farming was the start of our business we are landowners and farm cereal crops. We produce beef cattle and are large scale straw merchants.

GCS Properties is our property development arm of the business.  We build new properties and buy and refurbish properties which are let to local authorities, we pride ourselves in housing people with special needs enabling them to become independent individuals. 

​GCS Retail is our business which offers a varied and interesting selection of products for sale.  Please see our eBay shop 'gcs group retail'.

For further information on any of the above business areas please contact Michael directly on email Gallacher40@aol.com or call on 01507 211500 or 07860 637556.

GCS Group